Succulent Rolls

From the OC Register, we find out that you can abuse your succulents for months on end. Good to know!

There is more than one way to roll with succulents. You don’t need to plant them in the ground directly. Succulents can tolerate all kinds of situations in gift arrangements and bouquets where they’ll be happy for weeks before the fresh flowers fade or the plant outgrows its gifty environment.

In fact, the fleshier succulents with fat stems can live for months in floral foam. I made succulent centerpieces for a wedding a few years back, and the echeverias not only rooted in the foam, they lived a long time with water and an occasional feed.

Roses with the Echeverias and Kalanchoes? Never mix cut flowers with cut succulents. That’s my cutting rule to live by. Except for Proteas. And then only for Spring weddings. Winter weddings are another story, which I’ll tell you later when everyone else has left the party and it’s just you and me and a bottle of shiraz. Or vodka. Either one will work for my purposes in the winter wedding story.

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