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This time it’s from Edmonton, Canada. Can it be considered local if it’s from the frozen tundra of Western Canada? Sure!

Question: This year I am planning on creating living plant gifts for birthdays and special occasions. Specifically, I want to make cactus bowls and I was hoping you could give me some advice on how I could do this. Thank you for all your great advice.

Answer: Cactus planters are easy to make and even easier to maintain, perfect for those of you with a brown thumb. All you need is a dish or bowl large enough to hold some soil, a layer of pebbles and cacti….

Some cacti for you to consider for your garden:

– Bunny ears cactus

– Prickly pear cactus

– Rose pincushion

Aloe bellatula

Echinopsis oxygona

Interesting list there. Some generic opuntia options, and then a couple very specific species. I wonder why this particular Aloe? And that particular Echinopsis? Has the writer been trading in cactus futures?

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