New Cactus and Succulents for the SF Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area Cactus and Succulents


August already, it seems like years have gone by since my last email. We are all hanging in there, working hard to keep plants in stock, soils in stock – you all buy so many soils!, pottery, indoor and outdoor, and even gifts! We are bringing in new gifts again! Fun stuff. Houseplants are very busy, we’ve started featuring more unusual and rare houseplants!

We are still doing our free local deliveries, we are still open limited hours, and sometimes, especially on weekends, lines do develop since we limit the numbers in the store. But we’re making it work! Everyone has been so cooperative and helpful, we all appreciate how well you all are helping keep all of us safe while we also keep all of you safe in our garden. Thanks!


We require masks in our stores and social distancing at all times. We are pretty strict! Please bear with us.

Cheryl M. on Yelp:
“Offering contactless pickup, local delivery and taking safety guidelines seriously without comprising customer service! Walked in, quickly welcomed and mentioned if we needed any assistance to let them know…staff wearing masks and adhering to the 6ft social distance though my friend and I were initially, caught off guard…”why does he keep walking away when we’re talking?”…oh yeah, 6ft, 6ft…. our bad haha”

Katherine M. on Yelp:
They have great covid protocols in place where they allow only a few people in at once, so we did stand in line for about 15 minutes to get in…. Overall positive experience 🙂 “


We are still doing free local deliveries near our 2 stores. Our online store is here. We are delivering plants, gifts, soils, and still delivering veggie starts! Can you still plant herbs and veg in mid-summer? Yes. I say yes! My tomatoes are ripening so I know it is time to plant the next crop of delicious delicious organic tomatoes. Soils are back in stock, well-stocked! More items are being added to the website all the time.

Now! New Expanded Delivery Zones! Woot.
Richmond! San Pablo! Mill Valley! Orinda! San Leandro!
Deliveries are usually in 1-3 days but may take up to 1 week, Monday thru Friday. We will call to let you know when we will be by before we come.

Berkeley Area: Free Delivery (by Zip Code) includes Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville, Piedmont, Rockridge, Temescal, Uptown, Montclair, Kensington
San Anselmo Area: Free Delivery (by Zip Code) includes San Anselmo, San Rafael, Ross, Kentfield, Greenbrae, Larkspur, and Fairfax
San Francisco: $15

Extended Areas:
$10 East Bay:
$10 includes Oakland (where not listed above), Orinda, El Cerrito
$15 East Bay: $15 includes Richmond, San Pablo, Alameda and San Leandro
$10 Marin: $10 includes Corte Madera
$20 Marin:
$20 includes Mill Valley (Please note this only includes Mill Valley proper)

Please note that as circumstances change, our delivery options may change as well.


Cactus Jungle, Berkeley
1509 4th Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

(510) 558-8650

Current Hours: Open Wed-Sun 11-5


Ross Valley Nursery and
Cactus Jungle, Marin

130 Sir Francis Drake Blvd
San Anselmo, CA 94960
(415) 870-9930

Current Hours: Open Wed-Sun 11-5



Mammillaria bombycina is a beautiful little hooked-spine barrel that likes to grab on when you walk past and go traveling with you. Am I making this up? No! This is in fact how these propagate in the desert, catching on to any small animal running past, usually because of the big woolly sweaters the little guys wear in the cold desert winters, and then traveling as far as the little animal will take them! Easy way to find yourself on the other side of a mountain. Darwinian!

Acacia cultriformis is the knife leaf acacia because the leaves are triangles, which somehow are knife-like? I don’t know, but they are cute little triangle leaves, so there’s that to look forward to.

Aglaonemas are very intense houseplants, large leaves, strange colors and patterns, more fun for the living room. Not outisde! That’s why we call them houseplants, because they are not for outside. Not here, not in the Bay Area. Maybe in Central America or Thailand. But not at your home, not in Oakland. This one is A. “Osaka”.

Alocasias are also big leaved houseplants. Also known as one of the Elephant Ear plants, they are fancy, and we are bringing you more fancy houseplants, so we say to you: “Alocasias!”. And then you reply, “Yes, please, may I have another.” And we reply back to you “Yes.” This is the game we play with Alocasias, we enjoy it, and hope you do too. This one is A. “Ivory Coast”.

Coreopsis “Jethro Tull” is one of the many new daisies and sunflowers (daisies and sunflowers are in the same plant family, known as the Daisy Family or the Sunflower Family, ie Asteraceae. Oh, yeah, they are also known as the Aster Family.) They are colorful and drought tolerant, easy to grow, and many even can handle the clay soils.

Echeveria “Electric Glow” is one of the Gibbiflora hybrids we’ve been growing. These are large 2g specimens that are ruffly and thick and full of sunshine. Wait, maybe that was the Coreopsis above that was full of sunshine. These are not full of sunshine goodness. They are full of succulent goodness. The difference is in the soil mix, it’s a cactus soil mix! Now you know. Though they are full of sunshine goodness too, after all they are a plant that photosynthesizes, so I stand corrected, sitting here listening to Radiohead on the radio.

Echeveria lilacina is a classic hens-and-chicks style succulent native to Mexico and your garden if you let it naturalize there and then wait 20,000 years so that eventually they can’t tell the difference between where it came from naturally and where it was planted by whatever species we evolve into in the next 20,000 years.

Euphorbia mammillaris “Variegata”, but first I should mention in that last bit I kind of got lost in dreaming of a distant future after 2020. Let’s imagine that future together now, close your eyes, the whole trump family crime syndicate in jail…

Gasteria acinacifolia x carinata is a large gasteria, as gasterias go. But let me finish that previous thought, a future where black lives matter, all black lives including black trans lives matter….

Gazania Sunbathers “Creamzu” is another one of those daisies/sunflowers from aster family of gorgeous flowering plants. Meanwhile in our imagined future we see that voting rights have been established for all, Dreamers included…

These emails…

Manfreda “Mint Chocolate Chip” and Mangave “Tooth Fairy” are some of the latest hybrids of these beautiful succulents. What else can we dream about today, what do you want to add to this? Maybe some economic justice? The end of fossil fuels? I want to know what your future wants to be, what you look forward to after this 2020 of ours…

I have to stop that now and look to the garden, what we have growing right here right now. Here’s our giant Pachycereus pringlei in bloom at the Marin store. Enjoy.



Some 2 inch cactus are now here on the website. Small, but they will grow.
Cereus “Ming Thing”
Copiapoa hypogaea var. barquitensis

Aloe aculeata is South African, large rosettes with very spiny thick leaves.

Stunning small Agave victoria-reginae “Compacta”

Set of 5 Rustic Terra Cotta Pots

Venus Fly Traps – Carnivorous Plants for everyone!

Glazed cylinder Pots, 8″ and also we have 12″ Glazed cylinders.

Sempervivum “Pilioseum” is almost fuzzy looking. Baby Chicks hanging off the mother Hen.