New Cactus and Succulents for the SF Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area Cactus and Succulents


November brings us closer to the Holidays! Do you know everything we have planned for you this year? We have art exhibits! We have Succulent Wreaths! We have mixed succulent Centerpiece Planters. We have stuff, yes, stuff, including hanging terrariums, and mugs, and candles too. Soaps. Stuff. Not sure? Buy a Gift Card online! Now that’s easy.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget. VOTE! So critical. Oy.

First up we have another Art Exhibition at the Marin store:

Material and Form, Wood Bowls by Mike Newlin
Nov 16 – Dec 24, 2018

Opening Night Party 4:00p – 6:30p Friday, November 16, 2018
Cactus Jungle, Marin
130 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, San Anselmo

Mike and family are long time customers, so you know they’re the best!

Succulent Wreaths!

You’ve been waiting and now they’re here, both stores, ready to go and ready to ship!

Did you pre-order? Come on by and pick yours up!

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10″ Succulent Wreaths $58
14″ Succulent Wreaths $175

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And we still have our PodArt Exhibit hanging!

Exhibition extended thru end of year

Cactus Jungle, Berkeley
1509 4th Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

(510) 558-8650

Open 7 Days
9:00a – 5:00p Weekdays
10:00a – 5:00p Weekends

Cactus Jungle, Marin
130 Sir Francis Drake Blvd
San Anselmo, CA 94960
(415) 870-9930

Open Tuesday-Sunday, Closed Mondays
Tue-Fri 9:30a – 5:30p
Sat-Sun 10:00am – 5:00pm



Mangave “Purple People Eater” hahaha who named that hahaha I’m so embarrassed.

Sedum rubrotinctum is the classic species known as Jellybeans. Everyone loves jellybeans so that is a good hook.

Plectranthus tomentosa is one of those very fragrant fuzzy leaved succulents you come across occasionally at a fancy store like Cactus Jungle. Not at those other standard non-fancy shops. Check it out! It is in the mint family and can be used for cooking. Hmmmm delicious.

Pachypodium geayi are available now in the cutest sizes, but they will eventually grow to 10 or 12 ft tall if you care for them and dote over them and keep them alive for 20 years. Also known as the Madagascar Palm.

Mangave “Moonglow” is a stunning hybrid. What makes it stunning? My word for it. You trust me, you believe me. Also the color. Hybridized from an Agave? But it’s so soft looking! Nice.

Haworthia “Royal Albert” is a H. fasciata hybrid, good stock, good growth. Beautiful.

Hoya obscura is a great houseplant succulent that hangs down and vines and produces gorgeous wax flowers and will do well for you too.

Mangave “Bad Hair Day” is another… hahaha who named these! What am I supposed to say about this, “wild thin leaves”? OK. New this year hybrid. Fancy or ridiculous. I don’t know anymore! Naming conventions have been thrown out for bad puns and in-jokes. I would have named it Mangave “Kaleidoscope” and you would have thanked me for it.

Haworthia “Enon” is a H. attenuata hybrid, hardy into the mid-20s, keep it a bit protected in winter, prefers less than all day sun. Wow, care instructions on the email? I am so helpful.

It’s winter so first come the Euphorbia milii hybrids, next will come the Christmas Cactus, you’ll see.

Echeveria “Scarlet” is new and so very red, or rather so very scarlet. Unbelievable. Easy to miss the color, if you’re color blind. No, I mean that seriously, if you are color blind this one won’t be so colorful to you. That’s OK, we love you too.

Dudleyas are California natives including some NorCal species, coastal species, chalky white species and more. We have a bunch. This one is Dudleya anomala and it comes from Baja. Red tips in full sun. Likes the coast. Can handle winter rainfall areas since it’s a coastal California native!

Echeveria “Electric Glow” took a good picture. Maybe I should have featured it at the top. It’s from Mexico like all the Echeverias! Did you know that? Did you know they are very closely related to the Dudleyas?

Crassula “Sunset” specimen at the Marin store is big and full and colorful.

Crassula arborescens is very round-leafed and can be hard to photograph when I am not paying attention. There’s something else over there to look at at the store! Or I was hungry, one or the other.

Aloe marmorata is a thick-leaved aloe with lots of aloe juice in it’s leaves. I’ve been using fresh aloe gel myself recently, for some skin allergies. Good stuff.

Agave “Moonshine” sold out pretty quickly last time we got them in, but they are still here today when I type this up. Phew!

Aloe aristata looks a lot like a Haworthia but it is not a Haworthia, it is an Aloe. But it does like shade, so there’s that similarity with the Haworthias.

Aeonium “Kiwi Verde” is a hybrid from a green species to a variegated variety back to a green variety. Interesting!


Opuntia monacantha “Variegata” also known as “Maverick” grows tall and wild. We have some large specimens out at Marin in case you weren’t sure you want to buy a small cactus without first seeing what it will look like as a big cactus. Beautiful ivory variegations.

Mammillaria crinita is probably already out of stock since we only had a few and they are better than other cacti. So you can expect that they will have flown off the shelves and this picture is just to tease you with what you could have had.

Mammillaria hahniana – see, not as nice. Forget it, why bother even trying after that M. crinita. All other Mamm’s pale in comparison. Oh but wait is that a pink flower I see there? Oh that’s nice too.

Haageocereus pseudomelanostele is the very long name of a towering cactus that will grow many stems up to 3ft. tall. Comes from Peru.


We’ve got some amazing rare plants at both stores right now. More at Berkeley, sure, but some great caudiciforms at Marin too. Jatropha? Ibervillea? Dioscorea? All available at both stores! Euphorbia? Pachypodium? Both stores!

Trachyandra saltii is a weird plant that has amazing little flowers for months on end. This specimen at the Berkeley store has 6 bloom stalks all at once!

Pachypodium succulentum with a stunningly large caudex Tall branches with strappy green leaves too, if you can look past that stunning caudex, but no.

More!?! Pachypodium bispinosum always looks good no matter the size, I say now even though this is the biggest, the largest, the most perfect specimen evah.

Maihueniopsis bonnieae grafted, these are some of Ben’s last projects before he took off for the sunnier climates of Southern Cal. Now he’s growing cactus and succulents and living the good life in Vista. Thanks Ben! By the way this is an extreme closeup. Those are tiny.

Euphorbia ornithopus seems to have something to do with birds by that name. You have to see the flowers to get it – they look like bird’s feet! So says the botanists. It’s from South Africa.

Euphorbia rossii is in the milii grouping and has numerous spiny branches to go with those showy yet strappy flat leaves.

Euphorbia bubalina must be named after your grandmother, Bube. Or not. I make fun! But really this little weirdo is quite rare. You’ve never seen one before have you. You can be honest with me, I trust you. In Russia they call it Молочай буйволовый.

Our list is getting long here, do you really need to see this photo of a Euphorbia aureoviridiflora? The aureo part means golden and the viridi means green and the flora means you are going to get some golden green flowers. Botanary tells you everything you don’t already know!

Crassula “Pangolin” is small and not so rare but not so common either.

Boophane disticha is so fine. Do you ever wonder how I come up with these gems? Let me know.

Adenium obesum named hybrids! Coming into bloom! Many different hybrids with different flower colors.


Salvia muirii is one of those blue-flowered sages that should be a collectible, because you really should collect them all. There’s not that many so it won’t take that much time! These are South African so now is a good time to plant them.

Eremophila “Blue Bells” also has blue flowers. Or purple, depending on the quality of your screen or phone, or the quality of my camera. It’s an Australian plant with small fuzzy leaves.

We’re trying out the Red Australian Fuchsia, Correa “Dusky Bells” because it has red fuschia-like flowers and it’s from Australia so you know it is low water – it’s a desert over there! Did you know we also have California Fuchsia in stock too – Epilobiums


New Planters, new colors, new styles. These are handmade W/R/F Lab. Nobu Nishigawara made them!

New gemstones, new rocks, new crystals. This one is Septarian and we have them at both stores! They’re not quite that size – it’s a closeup portrait!

More new planters, colors, handmade styles, these are by Tandem Ceramics. In a new larger size too.

Moroccan Red Quartz points are the deepest red color I have ever seen in a red quartz. Can you find redder ones elsewhere? I thought not. We sell the bowls too.

Lloyd the Llama porcelain planters, to go with adorbs porcelain Hedgehogs and Dinosaurs too. The Dinosaurs are bigger.