Groundcover Stonecrop

I’m feeling sick today. I can’t tell if it’s a cold or an allergy attack. Oh the humanity.

But I can still share pretty succulent pictures with you.

Oooh, that is a pretty picture.

Sedum oaxacanum

We’ve had a run on 4″ sedums this spring. They’re flying off the shelves. Not the larger plants though. I wonder why?

Just from the name, without any googling at all, I would guess this particular stonecrop is from Mexico. More particularly from the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Anyone want to take that bet? There are lots of plants in the Crassulacaea family from Mexico, but then they do find themselves native all around the world, so you never know for sure.

But I can tell you for sure that this next one is native to England. Well, not for sure, but with a name like that it has to be. Right? You know you can trust me. You are reading this on the internets after all.

Sedum anglican from England.

You want to argue with my taxonomies?

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