Danish Cactus

The Copenhagen Botanic Garden has a cactus collection.

First, here’s a historic photo of the gardens.

And now what does it look like?

It’s the same!

What about the cactus collection?

Greenhouse 10

Cacti and other succulents from desert and steppe-areas, like cacti from America and spurges (Euphorbia) and “living stones” (species of Aizoaceae) from Africa. Furthermore, a large collection of plants from Madagascar and many special, so-called caudiciform plants, where the stem is short, bulbous or thickened and with a thick cortex layer. In all about 1,000 species.

That’s a lot to fit into one greenhouse, but then there’s even at least 9 more greenhouses to visit. Denmark has been busy collecting plants over the years I guess.

And here’s the obligatory picture of the famous Palm House.

Some photos of the collection can be found here, you know.

  Cactus and Succulents
  Carnivorous Plants

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