Cactus Tea Cozy

Today seems to be all about the How-To’s, so here we have a unique and rather fascinating look into how to knit a cactus tea cozy.

wootwoot teaches us the rare and tender skills.

First you buy the yarn.

Yarn:  Araucania Nature Wool (100% wool, 240.59 yd/100 gr) : 40 and 08, 1 sk each,  Cascade 220 Quattro (100% wool, 220 yd/100g): 9436 1 sk, approx. 20 yds natural colored lace weight wool.

Then you make a copy of the stitch guide to keep alongside you while you’re knitting.

Stitch Guide:
• m1p: make 1 purl:
stitch by picking up the horizontal bar before next stitch and purling into the back of it.

• S1: Slip 1 stitch

• mb: make 2 stitch bobble:
kfb, turn, p2, turn, s1, k1, psso

• dd: double decrease:
Slip 2 stitches as if to k2tog, k1, pass slipped stitches over.

OK, now you’ve lost me. I don’t know what that is all about. I better stop right here. Here’s a picture of the final product.

Very cozy. If you want to know more, then click through the link already, for crying out loud. The rest of us are going to scroll past this post and get to the good stuff. Margaritas.

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