Cactus Spiders

Helena from Australia passes along her cactus story.

A man from South Australia an avid collector of succulents visted South America, he brought a cacti back.

he used to go out and just give it a slight spray of water once a week, then he noticed, really strange! the cacti was shaking! it stopped, but made a point of watching it the next time he sprayed it, the same thing happened! he decided to ring a friend who was also a collector, explained where he had got the plant from, his friend said I’ll ring you back, 1/2 hr later he did, said take your family out of the house , next thing these firefighters in protective suits turned up, next door neighbours had to be evacuated, fire men round the back, then “whoosh” all over! the cacti was full of huge spiders deadly!!! growing inside this cacti, and every time i water it I think:-)

Interesting… That sounds like an urban myth. Nice!

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