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Solanum umbelliferum “Indian’s Grey” is unquestionably (don’t you question me….) the prettiest of the native Solanums, although this closeup of the flower is a bit more graphic than a whole plant covered in these little blooms. It’s poisonous, and it’s low and shrubby too. The flowers will last for a very long time if you give the plant a little bit of water throughout the summer, otherwise it will stop blooming and go dormant instead. I recommend you cut it back in fall after it has finished its last little blooms. New growth through the winter will culminate in the pretty little flowers in the spring.

Solanum umbelliferum “Indian’s Grey”
Native to California
Evergreen shrub

Sun: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Water: Moderate to low
Size: 2 ft. clumps

Small, slightly grey leaves give this airy shrub a glow in sunlight. Striking blue flowers start in early spring and can bloom through summer and fall. Dormant without water in summer. Hardy to 25F.

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